We’re starting to look at the body today and drilling some of the necessary holes prior to any sanding or painting. There are a couple of holes required between the three main cavities in the body to allow wiring to be threaded through later on in the build. It’s important to do the drilling at this early stage so that it’s done and out of the way as drilling these holes at a later stage in the build could prove very difficult indeed.

Bodydrill_01 Bodydrill_02

The first of the pics above shows the three main conduits which need to be drilled out to allow the pickups and controls to be connected together under the surface of the wood. The second pic shows the two main pickup conduits. The left hand hole will house the bridge pickup to control plate wires and the hole on the right will be used to connect the controls with the neck pickup. Drilling these holes is very tricky and it’s best to set up some sort of jig or guide for the drill so as not to veer off course and (nightmare scenario) break through the surface of the body!

Bodydrill_03 Bodydrill_04

The first of these two pics above shows the hole for the bridge pickup to control plate as seen from the bridge pickup cavity. The second pic shows the hole necessary for the jack to be inserted before being connected with the controls.

Bodydrill_05 1970s

You will also notice in the above pic that we have now drilled the famous ‘mystery hole’ in the body. The hole has been drilled to the same diameter and is in the same position as on the OG. If you look just above the mystery hole you will see a smaller, rounded, indentation toward the top of the body. This is a replication of a small mark created by Francis at his first attempt to drill the main hole. He must have stopped pretty quickly and decided to site the hole lower down at the last minute. This particular detail is a small, not quite circular, rounded and concave indentation which takes quite a lot of digging out and smoothing many times over before it looks right. The second pic of Rick and Francis provides a great view of both holes.

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