Francis Rossi Telecaster

s/n RR150002


Francis Rossi ‘Live Aid’ Configuration Replica
s/n RR150002 NOW SOLD

So, we have now come to the end of the build and this Francis Rossi Live Aid replica is now finished. I hope that the blog has been useful and that there is enough information here for you to go and build your own Francis Rossi replica. The most important thing when embarking on a project like this is research and attention to detail. It’s worth taking the time to really study all of the little details so that you can recreate them accurately. Taking this approach to all aspects of the build will ensure an overall authenticity which cannot be achieved be any other means.


There will be further Francis Rossi guitar builds on this blog in the future. Please check back regularly for updates if you are interested in following the progress of another build.


Many thanks to everyone who has followed this blog as the build has progressed through to completion and a very special thanks to Status Quo who have linked to this blog from their official website.


Many thanks for your interest.
Roots Replicas

Important Notice of Sale
1 November, 2015

  1. This Francis Rossi replica guitar (s/n RR150002) has now been sold.
  2. If you see the guitar for sale on or after 1st November 2015 it is being resold by a third party and not by me.
  3. If you have been directed to this blog via a link from an online and/or other sale or auction then the seller is referring you here and using this blog to assist their sale and/or auction without my consent.

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