Belgian Quo Band

Francis Rossi ‘Live Aid’ Configuration Replica
s/n RR160003

No.3 guitar is now owned by Francis “Rossi” Wildemeersch of the Belgian Quo Band ( and is played by Francis on the band’s current tour in Europe.

Checkout these great pics and video of Francis and his Roots Replicas guitar in action during the Belgian Quo Band’s current tour, it’s uncanny how much Francis looks like ‘Francis’ on stage. If you want to go and see the band, checkout their website for tour dates.

Pics 1 and 2 were taken at Graauwrock – Graauw NL (25th May, 2017), pics 3–5 were taken at Polderrock – Oudenburg (20th May, 2017), pic 6 was taken at the Europafeesten – Tielt (9th July, 2017) and the video was filmed at Paulusfeesten Oostende (14 Aug, 2017).

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Belgian Quo Band live video!

Checkout this great video of the Belgian Quo Band from 14 August, 2017 performing Down Down live at the Paulusfeesten Oostende in Belgium.

As you can see in the video, Francis “Rossi” Wildemeersch is playing his Roots Replicas Francis Rossi ‘Live Aid’ Configuration Replica (s/n RR160003) which is used on tour by Francis, as his regular Down Down guitar.

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