s/n RR140001

Francis Rossi ‘Live Aid’ Configuration Replica
s/n  RR140001

This was the very first Roots Replicas Francis Rossi replica guitar I ever made. Building this guitar took many months to complete and involved huge amounts of research, hours of careful attention to detail and lots of extremely precise comparisons with the original guitar in order to make sure that everything looked just right. I decided at the end of the process that the finished guitar looked so good that I just had to make more and that the process should be recorded to show how it was done.


The success of guitar No. 1 inspired me to create this blog and to start recording the progress of a new build, from scratch. Starting out with the build of s/n RR150002 the idea was to show any aspiring guitar builders, who may be contemplating their first project, just how it’s done using step-by-step descriptions, videos, images and those all-important close-up build pics (see Home>Guitar build No.2).


This guitar was built over the summer of 2014 and took several months of detailed work  to complete, but it was all worth it when the finished guitar was first plugged into my Marshall amp and sounded just like vintage 1970s Quo!


I hope you enjoy reading this blog and checking out the other builds, pics and videos. If you plan to build a Francis Rossi classic era (1970s–90s) Telecaster you will find all the pics, references and detailed info you need to get started right on this blog.



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