Mikael Axelsson

Mikael Axelsson
Francis Rossi ‘Live Aid’ Configuration Replica guitar build

Mikael from Sweden, (and a follower of this blog) has built this amazing and very well-detailed Francis Rossi replica Telecaster which we are showcasing right here on RootsReplicas. As you will see from all of the pics posted below there is so much great detail to look at on this guitar and I am really impressed with the workmanship as well as the inclusion of many important elements that are quite often absent on Francis Rossi replicas.

Early on the build, the guitar resembled Francis’ Tele after he had drilled the mystery hole and before removing the original sunburst finish. Mikael’s guitar has been stripped right back in the second pic and is ready for painting.

The first of the two pics below shows the black edge (original black from the sunburst finish) of the guitar body which has been relic’d to show some wear. However, Mikael tells me that he will be sanding and re-finishing the body edges at some point in the future. The second pic shows the guitar body after the application of green paint.


Mikael has used a great shade of green paint on the body and then relic’d it to be consistent with the Live Aid period. He has also cut the period-correct notch out of the pickguard (see Guitar Build No.2>Pickguard) and used the correct tuners (see Guitar Build No.2>Neck). The mystery hole (see Home) is the right size and in the right place and the overall look is very authentic.

When we take a look at the back of the Mikael’s guitar we can see that he has even added the small area of black paint adjacent to and around the neck plate (see Guitar Build No.2>Body finishes) a detail which is so often left out. The general look of the bare wood back of the Tele is great and even has some circular sander marks just like the OG. It’s good to see that a genuine ‘F’ plate has been used too.

The two pics below show how Mikael has relic’d the body of the guitar and also how he has found, and adapted, a perfect looking 1960s trapeze tailpiece. You will also see how Mikael has used a ToM bridge (precision bridge work was carried out by Roger Helj) with nylon saddles, which I think is a nice touch. The final pic shows Mikael with the finished guitar!

Studio Quo

Mikael is also one half of Studio Quo who are two friends (Mikael and Janne) who record Quo covers in a home studio and post them on YouTube. There are some great covers on their channel including these excellent versions of Don’t Waste My Time and Paper Plane. If you’d like to listen to more of Studio Quo checkout their YouTube channel (here).

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Guitar build pictures on this page courtesy of Mikael Axelsson

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